AVR Plato Technologies Limited

Concerned with students’ attention span and comprehension capabilities, AVR Plato Ltd team is dedicated to transforming education in Africa. Their project is a tailor-made application for students with interactive learning. The System is built using Augmented and Virtual reality technologies to create interactive 3D representations of objects and concepts. This is aimed at creating a learning experience that is enjoyable and more comprehensive. Founders Tabi Okorn Tabi, Wisdon Bello-Odofin, Shameer Ramdin.


NavigPro Limited

Navig Pro is for workers in Ebene and Port Louis who are looking for alternate common transport at an affordable price and a top notch service. Using technology to connect to each client on a daily basis where they can track their vehicle and be notified a few minutes prior its arrival to the pickup point. Founder Jibran Aubeeluck.

Fancy Dreams Limited

“Exclusively Yours!” – This is the motto that has been driving this company forward since its creation in 2015. A pledge to make every customer feel valued by providing them with customized designed products such as gift box for various occasions. Using high level technological equipment in architecture and designing, the start-up can give life to any design that the client can imagine. Having already quite a good solid base of clients, this startup does not let go of opportunities. Founder Dodiya Mardemootoo.

Conscious Travel Ltd

Mauritius Conscious is building a community of conscious travelers and is committed to offer authentic holiday products with a direct link to Mauritian culture, heritage and history. In the vision to promote eco-tourism this start-up organizes the whole journey in Mauritius in the most clean and enjoyable way possible. Co-Founder Romina Tello Soberanes.

Fundkiss Technologies Limited

Fundkiss is aiming at opening up a new world of opportunities for investors as well as SMEs. By developing a crowd-lending digital platform in Mauritius, Fundkiss will helps SMEs to find a new source of financing for the company, while offering to the public the opportunity to invest directly in corporate loans. Co-founder Paul Perrier.

Létour Ltd

For tourists who want a vibrant and authentic experience, Létour is a service that provides a new way of discovering Mauritius with locals, unlike traditional tours. The app helps them see the island in a REAL Mauritian way, since any member of the local population can register as guide, each offering a personalized authentic activity. The project aspires to bring a different and unique discovery of the Mauritian culture. Founders Ludmilla Moutou and Kherin Bundhoo.


Dodo Work Play is a new kind of training company: we build learning experiences to shift mindsets, empowering forward-thinking teams to have greater impact, autonomy, and satisfaction in their roles. Our background is entrepreneurship—we run popular entrepreneurial workshops and the long-standing Entrepreneurs’ Brunch. We bring best practices, tool-kits and techniques from startup hubs around the world. More and more companies are realising the benefits that enterprising behaviour can have on their workforce—in terms of business opportunity, employee pride, integration of values, and customer satisfaction, not to mention the bottom line. Founders Joseph Lodge and Coralie Marti.