The Incubate programme is an ongoing incubation programme designed to help entrepreneurs turn their business plan into an active start-up.

The Incubate programme is aimed at entrepreneurs who have already registered their business with the Mauritian authorities.

Over a maximum of 18 months, the programme provides entrepreneurs with the coaching, advice, operational and strategic support they need to create a robust business structure and focus on growing their business without any distractions.

It helps businesses reach important milestones in their growth and development, whether securing their first clients, mapping out their supply chain, or hiring new team members.  

In short, Incubate helps entrepreneurs go from plan to execution.  

How it works

The Incubate programme runs continuously throughout the year. It consists of:

  • Coaching and advice:
    • Coaching: Entrepreneurs are paired with a coach from the Turbine team, with whom they have weekly one-on-one meetings. Coaches will help the entrepreneur establish a project plan and targets for growth.
    • Advisory sessions: Entrepreneurs have access to regular advisory sessions with successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders. The aim of these sessions is to identify and work through specific challenges.
  • Ongoing support:
    • Access to a beautiful co-working space, including meeting rooms, events space, audio-visual equipment, IT and other back-office services (printing etc.)
    • Access to advice and expertise, including on HR, legal, marketing and PR. Incubate entrepreneurs also have access to support on budgeting, taxes, and reporting.
    • Facilitated access to venture capital financing: capital needs, possible sources of capital and deal structuration.
    • Community and networking opportunities – with Turbine staff, Incubate programme peers, ENL staff, event and workshop attendees

After 18 months, if the entrepreneurs are still with us, the Turbine staff and their coach meet with them to revisit their strategy plan and their growth targets and determine the challenges that they still face.

Where appropriate, the Turbine can facilitate access to angel investors and venture capital firms.

In rare cases, we will consider the entrepreneurs and their start-ups for our Go Africa programme.


How to apply

The programme is open to early-stage start-ups with no more than 5 employees and an annual turnover of under Rs 5 million. Applications from start-ups with a turnover exceeding this threshold will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Only scalable start-ups with demonstrable growth potential are eligible to enrol in this programme.

Start-ups may stay in the Incubate programme for a maximum of 18 months, or until they are assessed to have outgrown the programme on the basis of their revenue or of their staff numbers.

The Turbine takes an equity stake of up to 10% in each participating start-up. The stake is taken gradually over the course of the programme.  

Incubate is run continuously throughout the year. Entrepreneurs are admitted either via:

  • The Inspire business readiness programme or
  • By applying for the scheme direction on the Turbine’s website.

Each application is subject to review by the Turbine team.