You’ve got a dream.
We give you the tools to make it a reality.

About us

The Turbine is a co-working space and start-up incubator and accelerator based in Mauritius.

We give entrepreneurs the space and support they need to build successful, sustainable businesses.

We believe that by building a start-up community in the Indian Ocean, we can create a more inclusive and sustainable future for everyone.

The Turbine is a wholly owned subsidiary of ENL Limited. All of the Turbine’s operating profits are reinvested into the incubator.

We work closely with STING, a leading Swedish incubator with over 14 years in the business.


We’re passionate about building an enduring start-up community in the Indian Ocean. And about supporting our incredible entrepreneurs as they set out to conquer the world.

Meet our team.

Anne Laure Marchyllie

Anne Laure Marchyllie

General Manager

Diane Maigrot

Diane Maigrot

Startup and Business developer

Pooja Raghoo

Pooja Raghoo

Communication and events coordinator

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