Co-working at the Turbine

The Turbine incubation

A short introduction

The Turbine is a start-up incubator and co-working space in Mauritius.

Our incubation programmes help smart, ambitious people turn great ideas into flourishing businesses.

And we provide beautiful, flexible and professional workspace to a community of entrepreneurs and SMEs.


Inspire Certificate ceremony

Turbine proudly presented its 5 new incubated start-ups to the press on Tuesday the 27th February 2018. It was an occasion for the start-ups to greet and meet with Dr. Vickram Bissonauth from the Mau...

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Meet likeminded ground-breakers at start-up socials, gain insight from visiting speakers…learn, network and have fun, for free.

Know your Customer deeply

Laurent Bourelly will help you identify who is your target customer.

Essential tools to have at your disposal in approaching potential customers.

Raising awareness of regulatory frameworks

Sylvia Maigrot will give you legal advice on mandatory permits required for successfully doing business in Mauritius as a startup.

Funding, Growth and Shareholder Agreement

Philippe Hardy will tell you what Investors or Venture Capitalists are looking for. He will also give you advice on how to draft a good shareholder agreement and devise successful strategies to acquire funding for the growth of your business!

Importance of cash flow and budgeting your roadmap

Jean Roland Béchard will go through different budgeting techniques in order to ensure efficient cash flow in your business.

Monitoring your Marketing Plan

Laurent Bourelly, Head of Marketing at ENL will tell you how to draw a good marketing plan and how to monitor it.

Importance of Digital Marketing

A talk will be delivered by a specialist on the importance of the digital marketing for businesses.