Pre-incubation Program - We did it!

The best Co-working space!

Graduation of DodoWorkPlay and Mauritius Conscious from Incubation Program!!

A short introduction

The Turbine is a start-up incubator and co-working space in Mauritius.

Our incubation programmes help smart, ambitious people turn great ideas into flourishing businesses.

And we provide beautiful, flexible and professional workspace to a community of entrepreneurs and SMEs.


Test Drive 2018 – They did it!

The business pre-incubation program organized by Turbine in September this year ended on October 19, 2018. The Pitch The participants had the opportunity to present their project in the form of a ...

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Coworking: a new culture of workspace

Turbine is mainly known for its start-up incubation and entrepreneurial activities. In the view to promote entrepreneurship in Mauritius, it is essential to provide a flexible place of work for talent...

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